davidsimons (davidsimons) wrote in showmasters,

Oiling Cogs

A friend of mine recently observed that when I think hard people can hear the cogs going round in my head. Apparently they squeak badly. Personally I can't hear it but I've no reason not to trust this person.

Does anyone know what causes the squeak and what I can do about it?

Scared to think to hard, limiting my thinking to non-squeak generating thinking.

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I think the squeakiness is a result of the lack of randomness in the thought processes and when you start them up suddenly again they protest and let out an almighty 'squeak', so oiling would be a good idea...so's not to annoy the neighbours too much! I could help with the oiling or general lubrication business if you like David....*thinks..yum*
Kate. xxxx
Likes the idea of Kate oiling me. Maybe you've got bits that need oiling too. I'll try poking and prodding things to see if anything causes a squeak, if I get any squeaks I'll rub oil into the affected area.

I have many parts that require rubbing and 'lubrication' so feel free to...ummm...feel your way around sweetheart!
Kate. xxxx
I can see I'm going to have to spend a lot of time oiling and protecting your body. *YUM*

Oooo darling that sounds so very delicious!
Kate. xxxx
Perhaps you should speak to my new mouse, David! He squeaks! ;-}

Oiling is good! And er - I see Kate is already onto *that*!!!

Rosie xox
Oops caught again...I'm so naughty. Apologies Rosie!
Kate. xxxx
Awww! Don't apologise Kate! *snuggles*

It's lovely seeing you and David so happy! When are you going to be seeing each other again? *bein' nosey now*

Rosie xxxx
Very soon Rosie, after my operation. I'll need a little TLC and David has promised he'll look after me.
Kate. xxxx
I'll look after Kate always and for the rest of my life. There's no way I wouldn't look after her following such an operation. Plus I've never visited Australia before.

David xxxxxxx
*Rosie melts away*

This is just so lovely to hear! *hugs* I trust Dr Simons will be giving his best bedside manner to the patient! ;-}

Rosie xoxox
Awww! That's so reassuring to know, Kate! You do need loads of TLC and David will give this in heaps and heaps to you!

btw: I do hope everything goes well for you. I had a minor operation back in May, to have a couple of potentially cancerous moles removed from my breast and arm as there is a history of breast cancer in my family. It wasn't pleasent as one was stitched up, but things are ok now!

Thankfully everything is OK for you. *hugs to Kate*

Rosie xoxxx
Sweet Rosie, I am so very glad everything was OK. That must have been such a worrying time for you. *huggles* Yes, I must admit the thought of surgery scares me a lot, but I hope I'll get through it all...with the help of my friends and my darling David.
Kate. xxxx
We'll be sending you loads of good wishes, Kate and I hope David sends us regular updates as well! *huggles and kisses*

Rosie xoxox
I'm sure he will do that. He's a wonderful guy, and I can't believe I found him!
Kate. xxxx
You certainly have Kate!

He is a lovely, lovely man with a big heart! You two are perfect for each other.

Rosie xxx
*blushes* thank you Rosie, thats so kind of you.
Kate. xxxx